Susanna Palazuelos

Susanna PalazuelosEveryone in Mexico knows Susanna Palazuelos, the Kings, Queens, Presidents, and Hollywood stars have all expressed enthusiasm when sampling dishes prepared by Susanna Palazuelos. She has organized banquets where the guest list was filled with members of royal families from Asia, Africa and Europe, including Queen Elizabeth II. The last 5 presidents of Mexico have considered her a culinary treasure and have enjoyed her food.

World renowned, Susanna made the most of and was inspired by her culinary inheritance. As a girl she watched her mother make a detailed record of the recipes that had been passed down the generations of her family. Her great grandfather, Narciso Bassols, was the author of “The Cuisine of Puebla” one of the first cookbooks to be written in Mexico in 1895. Susanna carries this legacy in her heart and proudly guards it as a symbol of a gastronomic history while rescuing ancient culinary traditions.

Susanna was full of curiosity as a child and her interest in cooking was born in her mother’s kitchen and dining room. She always wanted to know why a recipe needed a certain ingredient and often wanted to add her own touch. It was a safe bet between family members that Susanna would become a famous chef. The rest of the world took a bit longer to discover the cuisine of Susanna Palazuelos.

The Martha Stewart of Mexico….She is the real deal, the best of the best!

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